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Organic Cotton Drapes

These curtains feature 100% pure cotton and are highly breathable, soft, and easy to clean

Polycotton Window Curtains

These curtains have blends of cotton and polyester or other synthetic materials for added durability

Linen-cotton Blend Curtains

These curtains are made from linen and cotton for extra softness, damage-resistance, and comfort provision

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Benefits Of Our Window Cotton Curtains Collection

Temperature Regulation

Our cotton drapes effectively balance the temperature in a room & increase its energy efficiency.

Room Insulation

These curtains keep interiors well-insulated, preventing internal warmth/cooling from escaping & reducing energy expenses.

Noise Reduction

The thick designs and high-quality pre-attached backings of these curtains help with effective sound dampening.

Easy Upkeep

These curtains are extremely stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and pet-friendly, hence very easy to maintain.

Breathable Design

The hypoallergenic and breathable design of our cotton fabric curtains helps create maximally airy interiors.

Heat Resistance

Our curtains are excellent for summers as they effectively block intense heat from entering your places.

Comfort Enhancement

These soft-to-touch curtains instantly make every area highly cozy, warm, and delightful to be around.

Usage Versatility

You can install these curtains both indoors and outdoors and next to all window types.

We Provide Custom Cotton Abu Dhabi Curtains Per Your Needs

In addition to ready-made curtain varieties, we provide the finest and most favorable curtain customization services to help you cover and accentuate every desired window, door, and/or skylight. With our home and office curtains customizations, you can enjoy unique decor.

Versatile fabrication, blends, & weaving options

Custom backing and draping materials

Personalized accessories and hardware

Customized color, prints, and patterns

Customized Cotton Curtains Abu Dhabi


Classic Cotton Curtains Abu Dhabi

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Get Fast & Affordable Curtain Installations In Abu Dhabi

At Abu Dhabi Curtain, you can enjoy complete and quick curtain treatments at pocket-friendly prices. We provide installation services for all kinds of curtains and window shapes and can transform the decor of every area in no time.

Free Measuring Services

We provide flawless measuring services to help you choose the best suitable window/door coverings.

Free Curtain Sampling

You can get curtain fabric samples free of cost from us to evaluate build quality.



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Our brand is a renowned curtain provider in the UAE and Cotton Curtains Abu Dhabi are amongst our best sellers. These premium-quality, attractive-looking, and durable drapes work wonders for every place and can make it comfortable and inviting right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Yes, cotton is an excellent material choice for window curtains because it offers several benefits. Curtains made from cotton are highly comforting, damage-resistant, energy-efficient, low-maintenance, versatile and flexible. Plus, they are often very affordable and long-lasting too.

Madras Cotton, Cotton Duck, Twill Cotton, and Muslin are some of the best cotton types to use for window curtains. These options are highly attractive and colorfast and provide excellent light control, noise reduction, privacy protection, temperature optimization, and ease of maintenance.

Start by soaking stained cotton window curtains in water and do this as soon as possible to avoid the settling of stains. After enough time, you can wash the curtains by hand or a washing machine using low settings and mild detergents. Diluted vinegar or baking soda paste can also be used for spot treatments.

Yes, our cotton window coverings are excellent at heat blocking which makes them the best recommendation for summers. These curtains create and maintain cool, airy, and pleasant interiors and also improve the working of air conditioners. Plus, they reduce energy expenses over time as well.