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Curtain Tape Abu Dhabi

Purposeful Variety

Our Best-selling Curtain Heading Tapes In Abu Dhabi

Curtain Tape With Rings@72x

Curtain Tape With Rings

These tapes are meant for eyelet or grommet curtains and can be used with all types of fabrics for modern window looks

Curtain Tape for hooks

Curtain Tape For Hooks

These specialized tapes feature channels, pockets or loops to work with different type of hooks, offering a professional and presentable curtain finish

Solid Curtain Heading Tape

These tapes come with snap-on eyelets and plastic connectors and can be used with both heavy and lightweight curtains, perfect for customizations

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Benefits Of Using Our High-quality Tapes For Curtains 

Improved Curtain Appearance

Improved Curtain Appearance

Our sophisticated and premium-quality heading tapes help give a neat, smooth and professionally-done look to window curtains with even, polished pleats

Curtain Styling Versatility

Curtain Styling Versatility

With these tapes, you can give any desired look to your curtains with multiple pleating and draping options and decorative effects

Ease Of Installation

Ease Of Installation

These tapes make it very easy and time-saving to install curtains without the need of any sewing skills for curtain headers

Effective Time Saving

Effective Time Saving

They make both the fitting and the working of window curtains smooth and quick and you can save plenty of time

Efficient Window Coverage

Efficient Window Coverage

These heading tapes improve the weight and volume of curtains, giving them a more fuller look and effectively protecting home privacy

Convenient To Maintain

Convenient To Maintain

These tapes are made of stain-resistant materials and very easy to clean along with curtains, without the need for removal beforehand

Better Curtain Adjustability

Better Curtain Adjustability

With our hard-wearing tapes, you can easily adjust the panels of your curtains and can enjoy better room darkening or brightening

Curtain Rod Longevity

Curtain Rod Longevity

Our versatile header tapes help distribute the weight of the curtain fabric evenly and prevent deformation or dropping of curtain rods

How We Design Our Innovative Tapes For Curtains

Our curtain heading tapes feature the finest build quality and are designed to withstand every kind of curtain without any damage to the fabric or to the adjacent wall. They come in a wide range of versions and sizes to best suit every area.

High-quality Polyester and other synthetic materials

Pencil pleat, Pinch pleat and Cottage Pleat styles

Wave Heading, Tab top and eyelet options

1-2 inches, 3 inches and 4-6 inches choices

Curtain Tape


Curtain Tape Abu Dhabi

Fitting Excellence

We Provide Quick Curtain Header Tape Installations 

To help you renew your window coverings or have the new ones fitted without any hassle, we also provide installation services for curtain tape near me along with all the associated skill sets.

Fast Servicing

We ensure the most rapid delivery and installation for curtain header tapes, making your rooms ready to use


Long-lasting Benefits

Our heading tape treatments are ideally durable and will continue improving the performance of your curtains for years



Finest Accessorizing

Buy Classy And Heavy-duty Curtain Accessories Online 

On our platform, you can find trendy eyelet window covers at low rates with the versatility of colors and designs to style your residential and commercial windows.

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Curtain Tape
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Start by measuring your curtain panel’s width and cut the tape accordingly, while leaving an additional 2 inches for accurate tucking. Lay the curtain panel with the main side facing downwards, followed by folding it down nearly 2 inches to make a heading. Position the tape along with this edge and stitch it in a straight direction for perfect securing.

For pencil pleat curtains, your tape should be around 1 inch narrow and as for pinch pleats, it should be up to 3 inches narrow. In case of ripplefold tape, a width of 2 or 3 inches works fine. The weight of the curtain also impacts the tape size needed, i.e. 1 to 2 inch for lightweight ones and more for medium or heavyweight curtains.

It is never a very favorable idea to tape the curtains directly to the wall. However, there are certain alternatives that can be considered in this regard, such as heavy-duty adhesive fasteners and adhesive curtain rods. Make sure to clean and prep the wall well before any kind of method.

Yes, double-sided tape can be used for curtains and it can also be used for fabric hemming purposes. For choosing the right tape, you need to ensure looking for compatible and gentle options that don’t damage the fabric and should also be invisible after curtain attachment.