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Curtains For Balcony

Give your balconies and terraces a chic touch with our bold and beautiful curtains and enjoy improved privacy as well.

Curtains For Patio

Make your patios, gazebos, and pergolas incredibly inviting with our uniquely patterned and printed curtains, and get easy light management.

Curtains For Outdoor Sitting

These curtains can be used for getting high coverage as well as sun and moisture protection in all desired areas.

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Explore The Benefits Of Our Best Outdoor Curtains

Effective Privacy

With our curtains, you can stay safe from unwanted attention and still enjoy outdoor views.

Light Management

Light Control

They make blocking or lessening sunlight and artificial lights easy for comfortable environments.


Weather Protection

Their thick fabrication keeps all atmospheric intensities away and they are also damage-resistant.

Minimal Maintenance Needs

Hygiene Maintenance

Our curtains let you keep your indoors free from dust, dirt, allergens, and insects.

Easy Cleaning & Upkeep

Easy Cleaning

These UV-proof curtains are highly resistant to stains, marks, and wrinkles and require minimal maintenance.

Noise Blocking

With their thick and backed panels, you can effectively reduce disruptions caused by outdoor noises.

Moisture Barrier

They prevent rainwater, spills, and splashes from damaging furniture, decor items, floorings, etc.

Energy Efficiency

With these curtains, you can keep your desired area’s temperature well-balanced without artificial sources.

Fabrication & Styling Availability For Exterior Curtains

Our curtains for outdoor styling are meticulously designed to keep up with all atmospheric and usage conditions. No matter what’s the weather of your locality, you can always find suitably resilient and long-lasting curtain options from our vast collections.

For Sun Protection: We offer Acrylic and Blackout curtains with high UPF ratings.

For Easy Upkeep: We have breathable Polyester, Cotton Canvas, and sheer curtains.

For Outdoor Awnings: We provide technical fabrics like Sunbrella and PVC with high mold resistance.

For Poolside Use: We stock clear curtains made of Polypropylene to prevent splash transfer.

Best Outdoor Curtains Abu Dhabi


#1 Outdoor Curtains Abu Dhabi

Fitting And Styling

Get Precise Outdoor Curtain Installations From Us

To make your outdoors entirely comfortable and appealing, we offer curtain installations as well and you can have our services for all desired areas. In addition to curtain fitting, we also help you with unique decorations and purposeful customizations.

Measurement & Sampling Services

We also provide free-of-cost area measurement and curtain fabric samples to ensure the most suitable external curtain selections

Curtain Accessories

To make outdoor area curtain handling easy and time-saving and to prevent curtain blowing, we offer a range of useful accessories.



Design The Most Deluxe Outdoors With Us

Do you have any unique ideas for styling your outdoor spaces? Talk to our experts and get the best guidance!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

There are many ways to do so, such as placing weights between the curtain panels in the bottom hem. You can use pebbles, fishing weights, or even coins for this purpose. Additionally, tiebacks, wind barriers, velcro tapes, binder clips, or curtain wire systems can also do the trick.

Acrylic, Polyester, Sunbrella, Solution-dyed Polyester, Olefin and Vinyl are some of the best fabric choices for outdoor area curtains. These options are highly moisture, mold, and UV resistant and easy to clean. Moreover, they come in versatile and vibrant color options.

This entirely depends on the weight of your curtains, i.e. get standard rods for lightweight curtains and tension or drapery rods for heavier drapes. Additionally, you can consider the kind of look you want to create, like wooden rods for natural decors and metal ones for modern looks.

Outdoor area curtains can be hung with the help of curtain rods, wire systems, ropes or ceiling tracks, depending on your aesthetic preferences and what works for your area. The ultimate foolproof idea is to hire professionals for the fitting to avoid damages and wastage.