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Sheer Curtains
Sheer Curtains

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Manifold Stylesv

Versatility In Decor

You can hang these curtains at the entryways, patios, decks, balconies, terraces, & workplaces.

Manifold Styles

These light-filtering drapes come in neutral colors, beaded styles, ombre prints, & muted layouts.

Soft And Lightweight

Soft And Lightweight

They are delicate, soft, airy, & lightweight as they are made with blends of linen, polyester, or cotton.

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Get Unique Sheer Curtain Types In Abu Dhabi & Dubai



Pick polyester material for the highest level of durability.



Gauze is perfect for the informal room window decors.



For a sleek vibe, you can prefer the chiffon material.

Faux & Semi

Faux & Semi

You can go for faux or semi-sheers to adjust the privacy levels.


To add a contemporary look, silk sheers are the best retreat.


For a distinctive appearance, you can prefer classic lace fabric.



Cotton curtains are perfect for formal space decoration.



For environment-friendly aesthetics, pick the ideal linen fabric.

Benefits Of Having Our Light-Filtering Curtains

At our best curtain shop in Abu Dhabi, you can find modern sheer curtains for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, entrances, outdoor spaces, offices, hotels, medical centers, and restaurants. By purchasing our modern curtains in UAE, you can get extraordinary features.

Soft Ambiance & Elegant Appearance

Natural Light And Mild Privacy

Versatility Of Design & Material

Easier Maintenance & Cleaning

Best Sheers Curtains


Sheer Curtains

Custom Curtains!

Style Your Spaces With Our Custom Sheer/ Light-Fabric Curtains

To give your indoor and outdoor spaces a personalized look, we provide you with wide options for curtain customizations. We bring you the best sheer curtains Dubai with extensive fabric range, modern and traditional styles to coordinate with the existing style of your living spaces. For customizations, you can also select:

Materials, Colors, Patterns, & Textures

Materials, Colors, Patterns, & Textures

To suit your styles, you can pick any of these customization aspects from the flexible options.

Styles, Sizes, and Thickness Opacity

Styles, Sizes, and Thickness Opacity

The header style, length, width, or fabric pile density can be selected per intended needs.



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Book our professionals for flawless and on-time sheer curtain installations in your residential and commercial areas and improve the style and serviceability.

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Abu Dhabi Curtain is the leading platform for highly versatile, durable, affordable, and luxury curtains online. We provide the highest quality light-filtering, thin-fabric curtains for the ideal styling of residential and commercial windows. You can get our exclusivity of:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

These drapes come with a transparent fabric weave that offers privacy to some extent. For your privacy concerns, you can invest in double-layered or semi-transparent drapes that offer flexibility to adjust in the spaces that need a certain degree of privacy during the light hours of the day.

These are light-filtering drapes that can partially block the UV rays entering your spaces. The translucent nature of this fabric allows the light to filter but it greatly reduces the intensity of UV radiations and offers mild protection against harmful rays.

When it comes to pairing, these light-filtering coverings create the ideal combo with dense blackout window coverings. With the right selection of colors and header styles, they create a visually interesting appearance on your residential and commercial windows.

The cleaning and maintenance of these lightweight and fragile drapes are simple as they can be machine and hand-washed easily. Using a mild detergent, whitening agent, or a gentle cycle, you can effectively wash them. Prefer hand-wash to not damage the fabric’s effectiveness.